I'm a Visual Designer and Art Director at Bensimon, Paris.
I'm focused on colour, fashion, book design, intuitive illustration, and more. As a co-founder of Epolet Studio I have collaborated on projects with a variety of agencies, clients and an art gallery.

I'm available for freelance work and open to new collaborations. 



Art Direction

Design for Print

Book Design


Textile Design

Set Design

Publications & Events


2015   -   Geometric Graphics, Gingko press

2015   -   Brand design magazine n°22

2015   -   Off des Nuits Sonores, Résidence, Lyon

2016   -   Etape magazine n°229

2016   -   Fazazine.com, Interview

2016   -   How to make a poster, Paris

2016   -   Patron Tequila Event, Paris

2017   -   Errratum Journal, Orchestra Issue 

2017   -   Nouvelles Vies exhibition, Galerie VIA, Paris